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Welcome to Mastermind Coaching!

Mastermind Coaching’s main purpose is self-development. I offer coaching in Swedish, English and Dutch, since I believe that it is important to speak one’s own language, when feelings are involved. I will give you a chance to develop yourself in the way that fits you. A change disperses like rings on water and effects other fields of your life and creates a chain reaction of positivity that leads to a better health, better communication with others and to better results in the things we do.

We all need a helping hand every now and again. The good thing about mind coaching is that, basically, one can work with anything. Do you, for instance, believe that you need help in:

  • performing better at work;
  • improving your relations with others;
  • improving your self-esteem;
  • feeling less nervous before an exam;
  • taking decisions;
  • becoming more motivated into, for instance, starting to work out;
  • stop eating candy or stop smoking;
  • getting better at something you are already good at, for instance, golf;
  • simply feeling better more often than you are doing now?

One does not always need to have a problem to get help from a coach, one may want to work with improving things or work towards certain goals. It is you who decides what you would like to work at, but you can also get help with making your choice, in case you find it hard to make clear what help you need.

I am certified by the international organization INPTA, which stands for: International NLP Trainers Association. This organization checks and sets high demands on all trainers and trainings given. An association with this organization guarantees a high level of professionalism, ethics and quality. As a certified coach and so-called NLP practitioner I live up to these demands.

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You are most welcome to Mastermind Coaching!