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My name is Rosalinde and I am your coach at Master Mind Coaching. A coach helps you to set goals and to find the best way for you as a client to reach those goals. A coach also helps you to find answers and solutions to various problems, by asking questions and by working with various techniques. Furthermore, a coach gives tools so that you can work towards your goals at home. The central thing in coaching is help to 'help yourself', so to say! Some of the techniques I use in my coachings come from NLP.

Even when you feel that you need help, because you are stuck with something, as a coach I presuppose that you already have many answers and power within you, which can help you to proceed. My role is to help you to let those things come to the surface. Sometimes we are not aware of the many resources we bear inside, or how we can get access to them.

In one session, that mostly takes 1 hour, we will work out what your long- and short-term goals are and with what difficulty you want to work. By answering questions and by doing exercises you will experience more clarity in how to take action. After this you will write a plan of action which gives you outlines to carry the change through that you have chosen to make in a way that fits best in your life right now. A pleasant incidental is that one change or insight starts off a process of other positive things. It goes without saying that all the information is handled with the greatest discretion.

You are a person with great potential and that potential is waiting to be used! I have the privilege to help you realize this!

The work of a coach is sometimes compared with other professions and the difference is not always easy to see. It could be explained in a humoristic way like the following:

You want to learn how to ride a bike and you will get the following help:

A consultant says: “Put your hands on the handlebars, put your feet on the pedals and start to pedal.”
A mentor gets on the bike and shows you how to do it.
A therapist says: “How do you feel right now before this task? Have you felt like this before?”
A coach asks you to get on the bike, runs next to you and helps you while you use your potential!

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